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The End Of Windows XP Is Coming

On April 8, 2014 Microsoft will not longer be supporting Windows XP.

This means many things to those that are still using this once great operating system. The main issue is that any security issues with Windows XP will no longer be repaired and that leaves you vulnerable to attacks.

Call us today at (267) 328-8047 and inquire about the options for Windows XP users.

Having A Virus Doesn’t Mean You Have To Lose Your Data!!

Many companies claim you have to reinstall your Windows operating system because you have a virus or malware on your computer - but they are WRONG!!!!!!

By reinstalling your Windows operating system you are causing a much bigger headache and most likely a much larger strain on your wallet than is needed. Reinstalling Windows means that your data has to be either backed up or deleted. Backing up your data is a fairly expensive procedure and deleting your data means that you will lose all those important documents, precious pictures and all your other files you've worked so hard on.

With The Tech Doctor, we don't believe in having to reinstall your Windows operating system because of a virus - we get rid of the viruses! Viruses are no different than the common cold that every one of us gets one time or another - you take medicine to get rid of it. We treat your computer virus in just the same way - but our knowledge is the medicine!!

Call us today for your evaluation - you will not be disappointed!!!

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